Environmental acoustics

  • Assessment of acoustic climate, with adequate instrumentation and Noise Work software
  • Execution of forecasts of environmental acoustic impact with Sound plane software, of which the modeling enables to make a sound assessment of the surrounding environment.
  • Execution of acoustic rehabilitation schemes with appropriate solutions.
  • Production of sound-proof cabins for air-conditioning and motor-condensing units, diffused absorption silencers and acoustic barriers for air-conditioning and ventilation systems.

Industrial acoustics 

  • Assessment of the risk from noise in the industry with an estimate of the daily energetic dosage in order to assess the exposure of the operators, as well as the necessary works of acoustic mitigation.
  • Production of sound-proofing cabins for production processing machines, diffused absorption silencers for ventilators, mobile partitioning and environmental treatments
We are in a position to design acoustic remediation systems, which are able to get the noise level within the legislative terms and to offer, besides global designs, also the implementation on site.


Acoustic engineering

S.A. is in a position to carry out complete acoustic remediation schemes thanks to the software able to simulate the sound situation before and after the intervention (Sound Plane) against sensitive receptors and complete acoustic layout plans for civil and industrial buildings.
  • Maximum noise exposure limits
  • Limit values of sound sources
  • Continuous-cycle installation
  • Dancing and public show entertainment places
  • Airport noise
  • Noise from railway traffic
  • Passive acoustic requirements of buildings
  • Acoustic pollution detection and measuring techniques
  • Noise in the working environment
  • Qualified engineer, specialized in acoustics