Technical specifications

S.A. engineering produces sound-proofing covers, based on specific mathematic calculations. This makes it possible to obtain the maximum possible result without compromising the functionality of the relevant machine.

The realization specifications shall be according to the acoustic results to be achieved, as the materials being used in the field of acoustics have a different behavior, depending on the sound spectrum which forms the source, cause of the acoustic remediation.
The materials being used are the following:

  • Different types of metal plates with a different thickness
  • Support structures in framework
  • Mineral wools with different densities
  • Reactive systems in Lambda quarters
  • Diversified perforated plates
  • Serial paneling
S.A.’s technical and production organization consists of production departments being specialized and structured for the construction of sound-insulating manufactured products. These departments are guided by a Technical Office equipped with computers and several CAD work-stations, connected with the machines of the production departments of the frame structures. The design for a new sound-insulating cover, built according to the Customer’s requirements, starts with the sound level measurement data, following a general design which is subsequently processed through the CAD-stations. After design analyses and engineering, the production inputs are given for the automatic cutting on a computer-controlled Plasma cutting system, to finally get the folding by means of numerically controlled press brakes. Other departments are in charge of the finishing, assembly and testing of the products which must meet the severe quality standards. This is our asset which, together with the professional experience of our engineers always and punctually solves any requirement relative to the Acoustic Remediation of any industrial and civil problem.