Soundproofing products from S.A. Engineering cover the needs of various production sectors:

  • covers for electrical cable manufacturing equipment;
  • covers for steel wire rope production equipment;
  • covers for mechanical presses;
  • soundproofing covers for condensers / air treatment systems;
  • silencers and grilles for air conditioning systems;
  • soundproofing booths for operating machines, sandblasters, screwing machines and more;
  • acoustic barriers;
  • environmental acoustic treatments with sound-absorbing panels;
  • Soundproofing of glass processing machines;
  • paper industry noise reduction;
  • noise reduction in the textile sector;
  • noise control in the food industry;
  • acoustic mappings;
  • acoustic remediation

All the installations, taken care of by our teams of specialized technicians, guarantee the best result in noise reduction by integrating with the existing infrastructure.

I nostri prodotti sono costituti da strutture portanti metalliche, completamente smontabili, in modo da agevolare gli interventi di manutenzione sui sulle linee di produzione e sui macchinari; inoltre le soluzioni di dimensioni maggiori possono essere attrezzate con soppalchi e scale di accesso ai piani della struttura.

In cases that require it, such as soundproofed products applied to the food industry, we pay particular attention to the hygienic and sanitary aspect by creating solutions entirely in stainless steel and with anti-dust / anti-contamination materials to ensure the best result.

Each product of S.A. Engineering is properly designed on the basis of phonometric surveys carried out on site and accompanied by drawings and documentation of compliance.

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S.A.Engineering - Prodotti

Acoustic Barriers

Made with soundproofing and sound-absorbing acoustic panels, they can increase the reduction of tonal and impulsive components that are present in numerous activities and industrial plants.

Soundproofing booths

In the industrial field, soundproofed acoustic booths have the function of preventing a machine from spreading noise in the surrounding work environment. They are also used to protect areas and specialized operators from high noise, lowering the PEL index (Personal Exposure Level).

pannelli insonorizzanti

Soundproofing Panels

Sound-absorbing panels are an excellent solution to better manage noise and sound waves in your home and work environments.
The wide variety of models and materials allows you to choose the panel perfectly suited to the needs of the Customer and useful for any type of environment.

Industrial Silencers

Industrial silencers are used in manufacturing to attenuate airborne noise from aerodynamic sources.
Sources of this kind can be found in many work environments that release large amounts of steam or air/gas into the air, even at very high temperatures and pressures.

silenziatori industriali

Do you want to analyze the acoustic situation of your company,
to remediate a living space or evaluate the acoustics of a recreational space?

With our acoustic mapping service we develop the visual representation of data relating to a noise situation, existing or expected, in a specific area. The results of the surveys, processed using specific software, generate strategic noise maps useful for the design of acoustic remediation plans for the prevention and reduction of harmful effects resulting from exposure to environmental noise.

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