La mappatura acustica permette di rappresentare la situazione di rumore esistente o prevista in una determinata zona.
Data l’importanza e l’impatto che ha l’inquinamento acustico, l’Unione Europea ha emanato la direttiva 2002/49/CE relativa alla gestione e determinazione del rumore ambientale. In attuazione di tale direttiva, l’Italia ha emanato il D.Lgs. 194/2005, con lo scopo di prevenire e ridurre gli effetti nocivi derivanti  dall’esposizione al rumore ambientale.
Tale Decreto definisce la mappatura acustica come:

The representation of data relating to an existing or expected noise situation in an area, relating to a given source, as a function of an acoustic descriptor indicating the exceeding of relevant limit values in force, the number of people exposed in a given area or the number of houses exposed to certain values of an acoustic indicator in a certain area
Definitions - item "o"

The same Decree also defines the directives for the creation and implementation of the strategic acoustic mapping:.

a map designed to determine the overall noise exposure in a given area due to various noise sources or to establish general predictions for such an area
Definitions - item "p"
For the purpose of developing and revising the noise mapping and strategic noise maps referred to in Article 3, the noise descriptors Lden Lnight are used
Art.5 - item "1"

S.A. Engineering - Acoustic Mappings

What is the offer of S.A. Engineering in terms of acoustic mapping?

Starting from acoustic surveys in the area to be mapped we realize predictive acoustic mappings.
Using specific software for the simulation of noise propagation, for the predictive assessment of impact and acoustic climate - as per L.Q. 447/95 for the calculation of Leq(6-22, Leq(22-6, Lmax - we generate mappings that visually reproduce the acoustic situation of the environment under examination. 447/95 for the calculation of Leq(6-22), Leq(22-6), Lmax - we generate mappings that visually reproduce the acoustic situation of the environment under examination.

The acoustic mappings of S.A. Engineering include:

  • Conflict maps on acoustic zoning
  • Population exposure maps
  • Maps for the calculation of Lden and Lnight in compliance with Legislative Decree n.194 of 19/08/2005
  • Maps for noise abatement plans
  • Acoustic impact assessment of transport infrastructures (noise from road traffic, rail traffic, airport noise, etc.)
  • Acoustic impact assessment of internal and external industrial-type sources (production sectors, sporting events, ventilation systems, turbines and power plants, sandblasters, compressors, mills, etc.)
  • Emissions of industrial sites for assessment according to D.p.c.m. 14/11/97
  • Remediation plans, intervention priority maps
  • Acoustic and Strategic Maps (Lden and Lnight) as per legislative decree n.194 / 2005
Mappatura acustica - Mappa a 19 metri dopo bonifica

Do you want to analyze the acoustic situation of your company,
to remediate a living space or evaluate the acoustics of a recreational space?

With our acoustic mapping service we develop the visual representation of data relating to a noise situation, existing or expected, in a specific area. The results of the surveys, processed using specific software, generate strategic noise maps useful for the design of acoustic remediation plans for the prevention and reduction of harmful effects resulting from exposure to environmental noise.

Does your work environment meet all environmental noise regulations?
Have you ever considered the impact of noise on your company's productivity?