Soundproof booths are used in the industrial sector to prevent machinery from spreading the noise from the processing phases into the surrounding environment.
Another characteristic of soundproof booths is their protective function: they isolate the machinery during processing, protecting the operators both from a physical point of view, by containing processing waste or any debris, and from an acoustic point of view, by lowering the value of the LEP index (Personal Exposure Level).

While guaranteeing the highest level of protection, the soundproofed acoustic booths produced by S.A. Engineering maintain unchanged the properties of efficiency and use of the machinery subjected to the noise reduction process.

Cabina insonorizzante montata sull'esterno di un capannone industriale

Soundproof booths for industrial machinery

Our cabins are tailored and designed with the aim of maintaining full functionality of the machinery that will accommodate.

We make the soundproof booths with modular soundproofing/sound absorbing panels to ensure the necessary attenuation, easily removable to facilitate inspection and maintenance.
All materials used are dustproof, suitable for any working environment, fully fireproof and impact resistant.

Serie di cabine insonorizzanti montate in impianto di produzione cavi

Soundproofing/sound absorbing booths for every sector

Soundproofing/sound absorbing booths produced by S.A. Engineering are designed and developed according to the sector of use.

Are suitable for insulating production lines in the mechanical, wood, rubber and paper industries and are specifically designed for industries belonging to sectors that require specific production characteristics such as the chemical, food and wine industries, etc.

All the booths are made in every part in accordance with the standards and laws in force and accompanied by certifications.

Cabina insonorizzante sopraelevata in uso in industria alimentare

Do you want to analyze the acoustic situation of your company,
to remediate a living space or evaluate the acoustics of a recreational space?

With our acoustic mapping service we develop the visual representation of data relating to a noise situation, existing or expected, in a specific area. The results of the surveys, processed using specific software, generate strategic noise maps useful for the design of acoustic remediation plans for the prevention and reduction of harmful effects resulting from exposure to environmental noise.

Does your work environment meet all environmental noise regulations?
Have you ever considered the impact of noise on your company's productivity?