In addition to the production of anti-noise solutions and soundproof artifacts, S.A. Engineering provides consultancy to companies, institutions and individuals for the analysis, measurement and management of noise in the work areas, recreational environments, living environments or outdoor areas.

Thanks to the use of specialized acoustic equipment and dedicated software,S.A. Engineering supports its customers in all phases of the project: from the analysis of environmental noise to the realization of a suitable acoustic solution. Engineering supports its customers in all phases of the project: from the analysis of environmental noise to the realization of the suitable acoustic solution.

From the results obtained from the measurements in an environment it is possible to generate acoustic maps,quantify the level of noise pollution and evaluate the level of risk deriving from noise to then plan the strategy of abatement and control of environmental noise.


Introductory discussion with the customer and phonometric measurements with dedicated acoustic instrumentation.


Presentation of the acquired phonometric data and study of the appropriate acoustic solution.


Our staff begins the design and development of the acoustic solution defined with the customer.


The next step is the manufacture of acoustic products in our factories. In our sound management products, we use materials and procedures that are certified in accordance with current regulations.

We provide our customers with our team of technicians competent in environmental acoustics for:

  • Acoustic Impact Surveys and Assessments;
  • Acoustic requirements in entertainment venues;
  • Phonometric measurements in residential environment;
  • Acoustic testing of industrial plants;
  • Phonometric measurements and assessment of outdoor immission levels for residential and commercial, craft and industrial activities;
  • Assessment of the passive acoustic requirements of buildings, certifications and tests on site (DPCM 05.12.1997);
  • Surveys and Predictive Assessments of Acoustic Climate (Law 447/95, art.8 paragraph 3);
  • Surveys and Noise Impact Assessments for temporary and mobile construction sites and for infrastructures, industries, artisanal, commercial and civil settlements;
  • Acoustic and Architectural Acoustics Design of special environments (canteens, gyms, auditoriums, public places, etc.);
  • Acoustic qualification of equipment according to the Machinery Directive (EC/96);
  • Drafting of Acoustic Zoning Plans at municipal and supra-municipal level;
  • Sizing of soundproofing systems

Acoustic Mapping

Directive 2002/49/EC relating to the assessment and management of environmental noise defines standards for developing noise mapping and strategic noise maps in order to adopt action plans to reduce the effects of noise.

S.A.Engineering - Servizi di Mappa Acustica con rilevamento del rumore in ambiente di lavoro

Acoustic Remediation

Noise abatement plans are called noise remediation plans and are the predictive tools used to reduce environmental noise pollution. There are a number of solutions that can be used to carry out environmental noise abatement.

Noise Risk Assessment

The noise risk assessment identifies the presence of noise sources in the workplace that may put the health of exposed workers at risk.

Do you want to analyze the acoustic situation of your company,
to remediate a living space or evaluate the acoustics of a recreational space?

With our acoustic mapping service we develop the visual representation of data relating to a noise situation, existing or expected, in a specific area. The results of the surveys, processed using specific software, generate strategic noise maps useful for the design of acoustic remediation plans for the prevention and reduction of harmful effects resulting from exposure to environmental noise.

Does your work environment meet all environmental noise regulations?
Have you ever considered the impact of noise on your company's productivity?